Kunst 2 Go. . . . olieverfschilderijen en pastels

Welcome to my website


Preliminary note: The photographs on the site only give an indication of how the art works actually look. A photograph cannot really convey the true colour and textual quality of the paint on a large canvas. If you look at the header "Exhibition" you already have a slightly better picture. If you like my work and are interested in seeing more then you are welcome to visit me at home.


My name is John. In my free time, I make all types of artwork, from classic oil paintings to modern, abstract canvases, also painted in oil. I also make pastel drawings and write books. In other words, I’ve got plenty to do!
Most of the paintings you see here are for sale. Prices are negotiable. Aside from my personal work, perhaps I could provide a commissioned work for you? You tell me what you’d like to see, and I’ll translate that into a painting for you using my own creative sense. Various works have come about in this way, and their owners continue to derive pleasure and enjoyment from them.
Please note: I’m not a photographer, and personally I find that the photographs of my work detract from their richness. Sometimes there are reflections, or a canvas has been held at an angle in order to prevent that reflection. If you’d like to see a painting in person, I’m happy to make that possible by setting up an appointment.

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